Historical Costume of the Early Medieval Era 



The early medieval period (otherwise known as the dark ages) is a hard period to pick apart when it comes to clothing. The very fact that fabrics dont survive well in most burials, leaving shards or snippets of what might have been at best, does not help. Its also compounded by the lack of written detail from the period especially by the vikings and most pictorial evidence be it the bayeux tapestry or christian texts of the saxons should always be seen as  stylized art. That being said we have over the last 100 years learnt a lot about this period of time and also about how they dressed. 

Various archaeological evidence backed up by scholarly research have granted us a look through the keyhole to the period. Luckily we do have a good idea of the materials used, the techniques used to make the garments and many of the patterns used. 

In reenactment each group is different and often have different standards for authenticity. Some will allow Linen/cotton or wool mix garments whilst others will insist upon pure linen and wool. 

Equally many are fine with machine sewn with hand sewn visible parts whilst some may only approve fully hand sewn. 

So it is highly suggested that you check with YOUR groups authenticity officer first for any special requirements and that the costume you order also fits with your period character and social status. 

Equally if you have questions then please just drop me a line and I will do my best to advise on materials, colours, fittings etc for your outfit.