Historical Costume of the Early Medieval Era 


Hi my name is Carrie Sayer-White

 I have been in love with history since a young girl being born into historical reenactment and followed in the family trade of making period costume founded in 1991 as R.B.Sheard braids & Textiles for the reenactment and the theatrical industry. 

We also spent many years doing education work as The Vikings on tour for schools and museums. 


I mainly focus on the dark ages or early medieval period  making fine reproductions of Viking & Saxon clothing based on historical finds. Hence my company name Dark Age Creations also known as DAC for short. But I can also make authentic custom-made bespoke garments to suit any era in time or even cosplay or LARP.

I am a member of the Vikings reenactment society that I’ve been an active member of since a young girl back in the 80s. And I am also the group leader of  Dahrg de bellen  or Brumvik Vikingr short for Birmingham Vikings.At shows my character name is Carin Olafs dota and I’m am the daughter of Jarl Olaf and lady Ragnhild. Both my parents and I have been active authenticity officers the Vikings and are well known in the society as the Sheard Family.

My skills with a needle and thread include period embroidery techniques and I can make your kit as poor opr posh are you require. Please contact me with any enquiries, thanks


Carrie X


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