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Historical Costume of the Early Medieval Era 


What we do

Hello and thank you for visiting Dark Age Creations


I make high quality and authentic reproductions of early medieval costume. As a member of the  Vikings the UK's oldest and largest dark age reenactment society I have been researching and creating outfits with my family since the 1980's. 

All of my creations are based on the latest archeological and pictorial evidence of the period to be as authentic as possible. 

So please, pull up a chair, sip your from your horn of mead,take a look at my galley of garments and then drop me a line to chat about your costume needs! 

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Amazing Kit, The detail is supurb!

I've been reenacting for 28 yrs and i can say with certainty that DAC produce some of the highest quality kit i've ever owned, thanks again Carrie!

Chris Poore



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Customer services rocks!

Kit is great, it's very comfortable. Carin keeps you constantly updated with how the work is coming along. She is also very good at helping complete kit novices by giving great advice on kits

S Chambers 


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Fantastic quality and great service, really happy with my costume thanks!

Karen L.

S Wales

I will be buying more from you!